Nahid Rasool


Nahid has been managing the organisation since its foundation in 1998. In the beginning there was only Nahid and one other member of staff running the centre which then had a focus on supporting women purely from a Bangladeshi background. It quickly became apparent to Nahid that the centre’s services were in demand and as such, Shantona has grown in line to support the wider BAME community.

Today, the centre has grown with over 30 staff into a diverse, multi-cultural organisation. Through Nahid’s work, she has met a lot of remarkable people: from community members to external organisation representatives as well as the wonderful team at Shantona. Nahid is a pro-active representative for voicing the needs of local people and issues affecting their lives. The Right Honourable Prime Minister David Cameron’s visit to Shantona in 2016 provided further testimony of the importance of such activities of the Centre.

Nahid is highly committed and passionate to improve race relations and to reduce inequality in education, health and other sectors. To supplement this, she is heavily involved in various strategic planning committees including the Education Leeds Equality and Diversity Team, Family support sub group, BME strategy group, Community cohesion strategy group’ and many others. 



Adults and Community Team

Our adults and community team is made up of a domestic violence support worker, better together programme project worker that supports and promotes healthy liefstyles, a complex needs worker who is dedciated to helping those with more diffcult issues, a BSBT project worker who runs the Strong Mothers, Stronger Daughters proejct that increases community choesion and promotes healthy relationship and our adults and community team manager. Together they work to promote a happier and safer community for all. 

To find out more contact or call 0113 249 7120



Alia Nessa

Adult and Community Manager

Alia's responsibility is to manage and coordinate the service delivery of projects within Shantona’s Adult and Community Services. Ensuring implementation of appropriate monitoring systems that enable projects to meet their targets and deliver agreed outcomes.



Young People and Children Team

Domestic Violence Project Worker - Children and Young People
The main role of the project worker is to support children and young people from south Asian communities, who are facing domestic violence or at risk of violence.  Working as the project specialist, they support the development of initiatives to build resilience amongst young people around DV and providing high quality front-line services and encourage maximum service user participation in the provision of the service and its development. Project worker reaches out to children and young people and signpost them to appropriate services, including counselling support provision if necessary. 
Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Project Worker - Children and Young People
CSE worker supports young people from south Asian communities aged 12-18 years at risk of CSE. Working as the project specialist they develop initiatives to build resilience amongst young people around child exploitation and providing high quality front-line services in order to support and prevent the issues around sexual exploitation within the known and unknown environments. It helps develop and increase understanding amongst young people about the risk of becoming victims. It targets mainly BME young people and families, who are either victims or at risk of becoming victims of sexual exploitation for various reasons, focusing on engaging young people in the very sensitive issues as sexual exploitation.
Youth Worker - Children and Young People
To work with and support BME girls and young women primarily from South Asian communities aged 10-18 years to facilitate their personal, social and educational development and to support young people during their period of transition from dependence to interdependence by enabling them to gain a voice, influence and place in society. Youth worker also supports 16-17 years old young women who are not in education, employment or training (NEET), motivating them, providing them with one to one personalised support and help them gain work experience through volunteering and work placements.



Preeti Tyagi

Young People Services Coordinator

The purpose of this role is to manage staff and volunteers working with young people and children. To develop all young people’s services including youth club, holiday activities, child sexual exploitation and domestic violence awareness amongst young people and their families. The focus of young people’s services is to engage in a culturally sensitive way with mainly BAME girls and young men. Work with a wide range of partners and agencies working with children and young people.



Early Years Team

The eary years team is made up of 7 permanant and several other volunteers and session workers. The team is managed by Tam Le and Sabuj Shalam. Together the team manages the Shantona nursery that invloves coordinating a full time early years sevices, that caters for children from the age of 2 + years. 

To find out more contact or call 0113 249 7120



Sabuj Shalam and Tam Le

Early Years Managers

The purpose of their roles is to manage and develop of all early years staff and ensuring and facilitating the participation of service users. Tam and Sabuj are responsible for recruiting and maintaining sufficient numbers of children for the outreach and partnership work, managing day to day activities, setting up sessions in-line with early years foundation stage curriculum and is responsible for planning and running an exciting range of play activities for children at the centre.



Diane Law

Development Coordinator



Administration and Operations Team

Our admin and operations team is made up of management support workers and our CEO. This team handles all of our admin, finance, funding, business operations and the day to day taks we undertake at Shantona. 

If you have any general enquiries please contact or call 0113 249 7120 and one of our admin team will be happy to help.

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  • 'I came to the UK five years ago that time I wasn't able to speak any English. By attending Shantona women centres ESOL courses two years at the moment I am studying GCSE English with Thomas Danby College. Also, I'm involved in childcare volunteer with Shantona. I have done ESOL entry one and two, childcare level one, let's play together, story sacks numeracy which was provided by Shantona women centre. I would like to thank Shantona for helping me improve my confidence. Also, I will suggest people like me should come to Shantona and attend the activity they are providing and support them to go further.'

    Previous service user now a volunteer worker at Shantona's creche

  • 'I used to walk past Shantona all the time without knowing what they did, until one day I was referred through social care services. I received support and realised there were other women just like me and that I wasn’t alone and my bad relationship experiences were not normal. I joined in with DV awareness raising sessions and workshops, they made such a huge difference and helped me regain my confidence enough to start speaking out about my own experiences of DV during the '16 days of action' event.'

    Adult Service User

  • 'I have learned how to stay safe online and using social media. I have become more confident to talk about my problems with my support worker and my self-esteem is increasing'

    Young People's Service User

  • 'At first I accepted that forced marriage was part of the cultural norm, but now I realise that it is wrong'

    Young People's Service User

  • 'I have seen changes in the students, the students are considering the bigger picture more and other aspects of issues affecting them. When challenged about their views or behaviour I see a more reflective student as before. I see Shantona's role as an external agency that can provide targeted intervention for groups of our young people who require closer attention. School do not have the expertise and knowledge to provide such material at the level and intensity that Shantona can.'

    Sat Hundal Deputy for Behaviour & Safeguarding Allerton Grange School

  • 'I feel much happier and confident that I’m getting my life back on track. I have started to attend groups to help expand my knowledge and make new friends.'

    Adult Service User

  • 'When the girls started to come to the girl's group all they were interested in was turning 16 and being able to get married…now they realise how important their education is and are looking to the future and thinking about going to University and getting jobs. Through informal education, we have raised their aspirations'

    Youth Worker

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