Bridging the gap between cultures

Shantona Women’s Centre is a unique service that provides women, children, young people and families with an open and transparent support system.

Our family support service offers a holistic approach to dealing with many diverse and complex issues. With over 8 languages spoken at the centre, we pride ourselves on having a multi-cultural team of workers who collectively bring together a broad range of experiences, different ideas and create a solid and knowledgeable support system for those who need it.

Shantona is currently working towards:
  • Engaging the hardest to reach women and their families within the community who otherwise remain hidden.
  • Supporting communities to raise aspiration, build confidence by widening participation and making a contribution to the wider society.
  • Building resilience and develop capacity within the community by creating leadership to enable change.
  • Reducing isolation and exclusion by reducing inequality and promoting better health within the community.

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